Good Stucco... GONE BAD!
by www.BadStucco.Com

If you have experienced any of the problems described below, we can help!

For many of you, yes even those of you with newer homes, this is a website you need to reach out to. You see, a great many newer homes in the Greater Kansas City area are plagued with leaks, moisture intrusion and mold problems. The causes are many and varied, but center around one basic premise, your house was built wrong! Be it through oversight, greed or sloppiness, far too many of the homes in your area were not built to the proper building codes.

"But my builder said they did it right"

Your builder may not have even seen your house before you took posession. Most builders use subs, who use subs, who may or may not have followed the proper procedures laid out by the architect.

"But the City Codes inspector O.K.'d it"

City codes stop by a house several times while it is being built, but do you really think they are allowed the time to look at each and every window and joint to see that they were done correctly? The cities make them focus on the broad overview of the codes and make a house structurally safe when you move in. The only problem is, as moisture intrudes, your house becomes less and less "Safe" with each passing day, both from a structural standpoint and a health standpoint.

"We had a problem but the builder fixed it!"

HOW did they fix it? Correctly and for the long haul or quickly to get past the warranty? If you don't know how it should be done, you don't know if it was don correctly.

We urge you to just look around and decide for yourself what your "Real" questions are.

It's in the details!

For those of you that live in a house that has windows or a roof, regardless of what kind of siding is on it, it miht be in the best interest of your health and investment to have an exterior inspection for potential leaks! For most of us our home is the single biggest investment we make in our lives, yet most homeowners are not aware of what to look for when they are building or buying their home. And they are especially vulnerable when they run into a problem. That's where we come in!

Improper window installation and lack of flashing can cause major rot and structural damage if it is not detected and repaired. The sooner these issues are identified the less expensive they will be to repair.

Are your finish, windows and trim installed right?

Increasing awareness of water-damaged buildings has lead many to assume that their exterior treatment, (stucco, brick, etc.) are inferior cladding systems, which is often not the case. Damages within stucco and other cladding systems are often the result of other construction deficiencies such as window installation, window failure, grading, and flashing details. While an inferior exterior installation can certainly exacerbate the problem, it is only one of several issues to consider when we evaluate construction defects and water intrusion.

If you have experienced any of these problems, we can help!

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