Energy Audits

Find out more about what happens during an energy audit in our online slide presentation.

Your home's energy audit comes with a comprehensive report detailing major opportunities for upgrading the energy efficiency of your home and estimates the savings and costs for each recommendation. It also provides information about financing and finding contractors. Implementing the recommendations will make your home more comfortable and more valuable, while lowering your energy bills.

Energy Audits can save your hard earned money!

Energy audits are an important step in finiding weak points in your home's where energy conserving steps can best be put to use, maximizing the return on your investment.

As a certified energy auditor and level 1 thermographer NSPEC has extensive knowledge, skill and high tech equiptment to pinpoint problem areas in your home. He can also provide information on available tax credits specifically in place to offset your costs.

Your Home

Homeowners and renters know saving energy means saving money without sacrificing comfort. There are many things you can do to save energy in your current home, or when designing and building a new energy-efficient house. Whether you choose no/low cost improvements or invest in long-term energy saving strategies, the following sites can help you choose what is best for your energy picture.

Tools to Assess Your Home's Energy Use

Your Home's Energy Use
Home Improvement Tools
The Home Energy Saver Energy Advisor
Residential Natural Gas Prices
Residential Heating Oil Prices

Energy Resources

The links below provide an overview of ways to save energy, find assistance to make your home energy efficient and what your state is doing to help save energy. These links are your information gateway to cutting edge energy saving ideas.

Home Energy Saver
Energy Solutions for Your Building

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